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  Paul Stratten
Peak Lane Nursery
Peak Lane Stubbington PO14 2ED

Please Print this Page, fill in the details and mail to the above address.
Brides Name: Address: Home Telephone: Work Telephone:  
Grooms Name: Telephone:      
Make Type Of
Car(s) Required:
Address Where
Cars are Required:
Telephone Number: Number of persons per car each trip to the church: Number of trips to the church:
Day Date Month Year Time of Service
Names of Church Church Address Length of Service    
After the Service Photographs will be taken at: Name of the photographer: Reception Venue and Address    

Name and Address to whom the correspondence should be sent if different from the brides:


I enclose a deposit of £

(£50.00 per Car)


We endeavour to maintain all our cars to the highest standards, and you are quite welcome to inspect them.

However, in respect of our vintage cars, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever in the unlikelihood of a breakdown. These cars are, after all, between 60 and 70 years old. Should a problem occur, we can assure you that with our large fleet of vehicles and our knowledge of similar cars, a replacement vehicle will be contacted and sent to you with all due haste. We also reserve the right to upgrade our cars as deemed necessary to later models.

I understand an accept this statement

Date Signed: